Migraine Emergency Center

Migraine Treatment in Richmond, TX

  • Prepared to treat all major and minor illnesses and accidents.
  • Fully equipped lab, X-ray and CT scanner.
  • Discounted self-pay rates.
  • Accepting ALL major commercial insurances.

If you’re looking for a neurologist near you for migraine treatment in Richmond, our Migraine Emergency Room is capable of infusing the same medications as outpatient infusion centers, but we have the ability to provide more advanced treatments such as conscious sedation, using Propofol and Ketamine. Latest migraine studies show these medications to be incredibly effective, non-narcotic treatments that are not available on an outpatient basis.

Our Migraine Therapy by a Migraine Specialist near you

  • Provides immediate attention in a calm
  • environment
  • Ability to use more advanced migraine infusion medications
  • Highly trained, specialized ER clinicians
  • Has a 95% success rate with migraine relief
  • Utilized by Neurologists throughout Greater Houston and surrounding areas