10 Tips for Staying Hydrated During Fall

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10 Tips for Staying Hydrated During Fall

It is pretty easy to stay hydrated in the summertime, mostly due to the heat and high temperatures. During the summer, there are lots of outdoor activities we engage in, from sports and picnics and many others, that require us to drink lots of water so as to stay hydrated. We are more deliberate and proactive when it comes to our hydration in the summertime. When fall rolls in however, with the drop in temperature that comes with it, most of us become less proactive and minded to deliberately stay hydrated. The ice-cold glass of water that was so refreshing during the summer months suddenly doesn’t seem so appealing or refreshing with the falling temperature of fall. However, even though it is during fall, your body still remains active, with activities such as fall sports among others, and therefore still needs to be hydrated. To that effect, we are going to highlight 10 tips that will help you stay hydrated during fall.

  1. One tip you can use to ensure that you stay hydrated during fall is by incorporating more fruits into your diet. Fruits are an excellent source of water and really come in handy during the fall when you don’t feel like drinking cold water. Not only are fruits great at keeping one hydrated due to the fact that most of them contain lots of water, they are a great source of nutrients such as vitamin C, that are good for your health.
  2. On top of eating more fruits, you should also look to eat more veggies if you are looking to stay hydrated during fall. Vegetables are yet another source of water, as is discussed in detail over at frontlineer.com, and you should look to incorporate them in your diet in the months of fall. Veggies such as zucchini, broccoli, baby carrots among others are a great source of water and will be of great help in your bid of staying hydrated during fall.
  3. While it may be tempting during the colder days of fall, if you are looking to stay hydrated during fall, then you should limit your caffeinated drinks intake. Such drinks, such as coffee, cause hydration and hence one should stay away from them. Alcohol also has the same diuretic effects and you should also limit your intake of the same during fall.
  4. Other than limiting your intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol, another way to stay hydrated during fall is to stay away from carbonated drinks such as sodas. These, as per the gurus over at frontlineer.com, are not good when it comes to keeping you hydrated, especially since  they may upset your stomach and make it harder to drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  5. If you participating in sporting activities, especially for athletes and kids participating in fall sports in school, then you should consider taking up sports drinks, especially if you participating in high-intensity workouts. These drinks will help keep you hydrated, but they will also help replenish electrolytes that you may have lost to sweat. The double package of keeping you hydrated and replacing lost electrolytes is one of the reasons why sports drinks are a great option to help keep you hydrated during fall.
  6. Another tip that will ensure that you stay hydrated during fall is ensuring you eat salty foods and soups. As is revealed in discussions over at frontlineer.com, salt will help your body retain water hence why they come highly recommended. Salted foods as well as soup such as tomato soup among others are not only delicious, they are a great way to stay hydrated.
  7. Another great way to stay hydrated during fall, one that is yet another great tip we have for you, is drinking of hot chocolate. Not only does hot chocolate provide all the benefits you get from water as far as hydration is concerned, it comes with the added benefit of warmth, which you may need during the colder days of fall.
  8. Another tip that can help you stay hydrated during fall is by setting a plan as far as hydration is concerned as well as setting timers and reminders on your phone to help you stick to the plan. As is observed in discussions over at frontlineer.com, staying hydrated during fall is not as easy as during the summer when folks are more inclined to do so due to the hot temperatures. A plan accompanied by the reminders will help you stay hydrated.
  9. Another thing you can do if you are to stay hydrated during fall is by ensuring you take your water bottle with you every time you go out. Whether you are going out for a run or for an errant, among others, it is important to have your water bottle with you as this will ensure that you replace any water you lose when out and about.
  10. If you are finding it difficult to drink water during fall, something that is normally not an issue during summertime, then a tip is to try and get creative with your water. Try infusing it with lemon, orange slices, lime, melons as well as other creative ways you can make it more attractive to drink. This will come in handy during fall and it is a tip you should consider leveraging.

The above are some of the tips we hope will come in handy when looking to stay hydrated during fall, with more on this and other related topics to be found over at the ever reliable frontlineer.com.


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